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Office of Our Lady in Eastertide

For whatever reason, the Divinum Officium does not generally provide the texts for Matins of the Office of Our Lady on Saturday in the Benedictine Office.  In general though, the texts are not different from those used in the Roman Office, so it is easy to reconstruct what is needed.

The psalms and antiphons are as for Saturday during Eastertide.  There is one reading and responsory, of the Saturday, which you can find over at the Lectio Divina blog.

The texts that are specific to the Saturday of Our Lady are set out below for reference purposes.

Invitatory antiphon: 

Ant. Ave María, grátia plena, * Dóminus tecum. Allelúja.
Ant. Hail Mary, full of grace, * The Lord is with thee. Alleluia.


(NB I have amended the last verse from that provided in Divinum Officium, to align with the version in the breviary)

Quem terra, pontus, sídera
Colunt, adórant, prædicant,
Trinam regéntem máchinam,
Claustrum Maríæ bájulat.

Cui luna, sol, et ómnia
Desérviunt per témpora,
Perfúsa cæli grátia,
Gestant puéllæ víscera.

Beáta Mater múnere,
Cujus supérnus ártifex
Mundum pugíllo cóntinens,
Ventris sub arca clausus est.

Beáta cæli núntio,
Foecúnda sancto Spíritu,
Desiderátus géntibus,
Cujus per alvum fusus est.

Gloria tibi Domine,
Qui natus es de Vírgine, 
Cum Patre et almo Spíritu, 
In sempitérna sǽcula.
The God whom earth, and sea, and sky
Adore, and laud, and magnify,
Who o'er their threefold fabric reigns,
The Virgin's spotless womb contains.

The God, whose will by moon and sun
And all things in due course is done,
Is borne upon a maiden's breast,
By fullest heavenly grace possest,

How blest that Mother, in whose shrine
The great artificer divine,
Whose hand contains the earth and sky,
Vouchsafed, as in his ark, to lie.

Blest, in the message Gabriel brought;
Blest, by the work the Spirit wrought;
From whom the great desire of earth
Took human flesh and human birth.

Glory to thee O Lord,
Who wast born of a Virgin;
All glory, as is ever meet,
To Father and to Paraclete.


V. Gavisi sunt discipuli. Allelúia.
R. Viso Dómino. Allelúia.
V. The disciples therefore were glad, alleluia.
R. When they saw the Lord, alleluia.

Absolution (after the Our Father)

Absolutio. Precibus et meritis beatae Mariae semper Virginis et omnium Sanctorum, perducat nos Dominus ad regna caelorum. Amen.
Absolution. The prayers and merits of blessed Mary ever Virgin and all the Saints bring us to the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

Blessing for the reading

 Blessing: Per virginem Matrem * concedat nobis Dominus salute et pacem.
R: Amen.
Blessing: Through your virgin mother, grant us, Lord, salvation and peace.
R: Amen

Chapter verse

Transite ad me, omnes qui concupiscitis me, et a generationibus meis implemini: spiritus enim meus super mel dulcis, et hæreditas mea super mel et favum. Memoria mea in generatione sæculorum.
Come over to me, all ye that desire me, and be filled with my fruits. For my spirit is sweet above honey, and my inheritance above honey and the honeycomb. My memory is unto everlasting generations.

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