Monday, May 8, 2017

St Gregory Nazianzus (May 9)

As this is a third class feast, the invitatory antiphon (Regem confessorm Dominum), hymn (Iste confessor) and chapter verse (Ecc 44:20) are of the feast, in this case from the Common of a Confessor Bishop Doctor.

The psalms and antiphons are of the day of the week.

There is one reading of the feast, which you can find on my Saints Will Arise blog, or alternatively at Divinum Officium by selecting 1960 new calendar (and ignoring the first two readings), and using these in combination with the monastic office of the day.  The responsory is In medio ecclesiae.

The chants for the invitatory and hymn can be found in the Liber Responsorialis (pg 190); the responsory for the one reading is number 10 in the common.

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